Terms and Conditions

Defence Awash Vikash Yojna is meant only for retired/serving Defence and Paramilitary Force personnel and their family. An applicant who wishes to avail facility under  Defence Awash Vikash  Yojna of AVCC OPC P LTD  should register by visiting website www.defenceawashvikash.com  by paying to register charges of Rs. 500/- ( Rupees Five Hundred ) only. Transaction charges on the registration charges, if any,  would be bear by the applicant. Registration is only for demand-based registration, and execution would be made sufficient numbers of buyers registered in particulars choice for location.  Registration charges would be refunded only in case of the project/scheme is not as per the choice location of the applicant, in that case, registration charges would be returned to the applicant after deduction of any transaction charges made by the bank if any.  In this case, the applicant should provide their banker details.  applicant must visit proposed Project/Scheme within 15 days from the date of registration or receipt of registration charges in company or company invites for visit whichever is later . Information regarding the visit of the proposed Project/Scheme for which applicant registered would be intimated through a message on the mobile number provided by the applicant in the registration form.  Applicant must give pre-intimation to the company on the phone and express their wish to company within 15 days from the day of visit of proposed Project/Scheme otherwise applicant can be lost right to refund of registration charges. Registration fees would be adjusted in the total amount of Flats/Plots/Villas of choice of Project/Scheme. Registration/booking would be confirmed only if applicant deposits requisite charges. After satisfaction in all respect, the applicant wishes to buy Flat/Plot/Villa in particular Project/Scheme, he should submit application along with documents and booking amount as per terms and conditions of the Project/Scheme.  Applicant must be aware terms and condition of Project/Scheme about locations, payment plans, refund policy, etc as well as conditions/eligibility for applying under Chief Minister/Prim Minister Awash Yojna ( If apply and get benefits under these schemes) before submitting an application for booking of Flat/Plot/Villa etc in Project/Scheme.  AVCC OPC P LTD can not be held responsible for any claims of non-receipt of Registration charges/ Booking amount /Dak which may arise due to any reason whatsoever. AVCC OPC P LTD can refund paid up the amount to applicant into their Bank Account without any consent of the applicant at any stage if so decided by Company for any violation of any rule or terms/conditions. Applicant bound to pay the amount as per term and conditions of Scheme/Project, failing which their application and booking will get cancelled (or will be retained as per the decision of Company), and the amount will be refunded as per terms and conditions of Scheme/Project. However, all suits and legal proceedings of any kind against company shall be instituted only in the appropriate courts in Jaipur (Rajasthan), notwithstanding the location of the property.